Finally, Wine O’ Clock Again

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Introducing our OG panties, affectionately known as the Original Granny panties. Crafted with care from a blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, these panties embody the perfect fusion of comfort and flexibility.

Designed with the modern mama in mind, our OG panties offer a snug yet breathable fit, allowing you to move with ease throughout your day. Whether you're tackling your daily to-do list or finally indulging in that well-deserved glass of rosé you've been eyeing for the past nine months, these panties have got you covered.

So go ahead, toast to motherhood in style and comfort. Cheers to you, and to many more moments of blissful relaxation in our OG panties!

  • High Waist Comfort
  • Encouraging Expressions
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Finally, Wine O’ Clock Again

Finally, Wine O’ Clock Again

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